ToolBOSS Services

Custom tool management you can trust combined with market competitive pricing and new rewards for distributors, integrators and customers. The new and improved ToolBOSS program drives time, resource and cost efficiencies by supplying data that helps meet production schedules and avoid disruptive stockouts.

Kennametal ToolBOSS vending machines are the answer to secure storage of tools and supplies. Our ToolBOSS units are built using leading-edge technologies that offer unparalleled inventory control, accountability of tool usage, and flexibility in storage options. In addition, each machine can be configured as a standalone or add-on solution.

Machine configuration and installation services are available!

Equipment Options
  • 28 Level ToolBOSS
  • Modulo XL Gen 2    
  • Modulo Gen 2
  • Journeyman
  • Clear Front Lockers
  • Clear Front Side Lockers
  • ToolBOSS ToolCrib PC
  • ToolBOSS Tablet

Why Order a ToolBOSS?

ToolBOSS can help you establish needs, identify solutions, and achieve measurable results, quickly and cost effectively. Our ongoing support, education, installation, and maintenance programs deliver the latest technology updates to adapt your supply chain to changing industry conditions.

The Kennametal ToolBOSS Provides:

  • 24/7 automated control
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Secure, auditable storage
  • Consumable and reusable tooling solutions
  • Item calibration tracking and control
  • Line side availability
  • Fast and easy system operation
  • Complete user accountability
  • Automatic procurement capabilities
  • Centralized SQL database

Kennametal ToolBOSS Provides an Easy Way to:

  • Reduce inventory procurement costs
  • Improve product availability
  • Reduce tooling/consumable wastage
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Enhance calibration tracking and control
  • Improve productivity

ToolBOSS Value

30% Reduced Consumption
Many companies have already reduced their Tool & MRO consumption by 30% within the first year.

Active Reporting
Over 60 custom reports views so you can drill down to transaction details, and gain insights for optimization.

Boost Worker Productivity
Our Point of Use equipment will reduce machine down time by placing critical tools & materials next to the worker.

Reduced Admin Costs
Real-time monitoring makes it easy to manage inventory levels, avoid costly stock-outs, and automate procurement.

View Now – ToolBOSS Supply Chain Services Brochure

ToolBOSS Supply Chain Services Brochure

Check out our brochure for additional information on ToolBOSS vending solutions.

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