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   Bulova is one of the most recognized names in the world known for quality, precision, and value. Bulova Technologies Group Inc, has over 60 years of precision manufacturing experience and entered into the machine tool business in 2013 with the formation of Bulova Technologies Machinery, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in the machine tool industry. As experts in the technology and precision machine tool industries, Bulova has searched the globe for the best builders to partner with on their machine tool lines. They have designed Bulova's line to include features that will provide outstanding quality and value for the North American market.

   Bulova's service and product engineers are based in the United States and readily available to help. Their Vertical Machine Centers excel in quality, power, speed and accuracy and their price provides exceptional value. The Bulova Technologies team is comprised of experts in engineering, manufacturing and application, service, and support and have been trained to bring the latest advanced manufacturing technologies to the shop floor. Their technologies are used on a variety of materials including titanium, steel, aluminum, ceramics, glass, composites, wood and plastics. The company is also experienced with working in industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, off road, energy, defense, electronics, consumer products, music and job shops.


   At Progressive Machine Tools, our team is experienced in the latest CNC technology and can answer your questions concerning price and availability of Bulova machines, parts, and accessories.

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