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            “We get 10% - 12% reduction in spindle head amps with cleaner threads and less tearing of thread form.

             Simply put, our taps last MUCH longer. Great product!”


            “The market is covered with a lot of good tapping fluids, but not many cover all applications. Being a machinist

            for 35 years, I’ve used others that were pretty good, but Tap-Paste is noticeably better, especially on stainless

            steel. It’s really good for sizing and tap life…I’m sold!”


            “I’ve used just about everything out there on the market. Tap-Paste is by far the BEST I have found. The product

            goes a long way! Nothing better out there.”


            “We were averaging about 16 parts per tap before switching to Tap-Paste. We now can run 50 plus parts before

            changing taps, with no breakage. Tap-Paste saves me time AND money.”




           Available in three sizes for your convenience: pint, gallon, and five gallon.

           Why not try Tap-Paste for yourself and see if it doesn't save money in tooling costs? 


          Tap-Paste can be ordered through our local supplier:



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                     Call us at: 918-665-1000  

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